care for refrigeration gaskets


Routine Inspection and Replacement Saves Money
Inspect your gaskets once a month and check for weak seals. If there is no suction when you open the door chances are it’s time for new gaskets.

Lower Your Electric Bill
Replacing gaskets is an easy, cost effective way to reduce power consumption of coolers running constantly.

Replace Gaskets Before Your Compressor
The cost of replacing a gasket vs an overworked refrigeration compressor is 100:1 (gasket replacement being less expensive).

Keep Food at Proper Temperature
Reduce the amount of waste food product by making sure your coolers and walk-in refrigerators have properly functioning gaskets. Replacing refrigeration gaskets helps keep food fresh.

Maintain Health Department Standards
If let go, cracked gaskets can provide lead to an ideal, hard-to-clean, breeding ground for salmonella and other disease causing microorganisms.

Highest Quality Control in the Industry
Coyote Gasket provides the highest quality in the industry with 100% American made gaskets for 20-45% less than other refrigeration technicians.

SRP Rebates Available
Ask Coyote Gasket about the SRP PowerWise™ Standard Business Solutions rebate program that enables you to receive discounts on refrigeration gasket replacement. (Please Call for more information)


replacing refrigeration gaskets keeps food fresh
  • 20-45% Savings
  • 24 - 48hr Turnaround Available
  • Free Estimates
  • Hardware Repair/Replacement
  • Locally Manufactured
  • Highest Quality Control in the Industry
  • Flat Rate Labor Charges
  • All Products and Work Warranteed
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • SRP Rebates Available (Please Call)

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